Rcom 50 PRO Digital Incubadora (Automática)
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Rcom 50 PRO Digital Incubadora (Automática)

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Rcom 50 PRO Digital Incubadora (Automática)

Rcom 50 PRO Digital Incubadora (Automática)

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Don’t know what incubator is right for you? Too many models to choose from and don’t know the difference between them. See our comparison below between the four incubator’s we get asked most about.

Function / Model Name  Rcom 10 PRO Rcom 10 PRO Plus Brinsea Mini II Advance  Brinsea Mini II EX
Digital display 
Digital humidity display  -
Automatic humidity control - -
Automatic egg turning 
Artificial Intelligence mode with species selector - -
Built-in candler  - -
High and low-temperature alarm
Countdown to hatch  -
Egg cooling 
Hen egg capacity   10 eggs/1 tray (supplied) 10 eggs/1 tray (supplied) 7 eggs/1 tray (supplied)  7 eggs/1 tray (supplied)
Quail egg capacity  30 eggs/1 tray (supplied) 30 eggs/1 tray (supplied) 12 eggs/1 tray (Available to purchase separately) 12 eggs/1 tray (supplied)


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